Tuesday, September 27, 2011

How to reset the radio on a 2001 VW?

I replaced the battery in my 2001 VW Bug and I need to reset the radio. I don't have the original code because I bought the car used. I called the dealership in town to have them tell me, and they don't know how. (I'm not sure how it's possible for workers at VW dealership to not know how to do it, but OK). Just wondering if anyone would be able to tell me how, or if I can use a different code or what. Thanks!|||have you tried another VW dealership? you may have gotten a lazy person on the phone...or you could just drop by and ask someone in the service dept...it is harder for them to blow you off if you are standing in front of them...|||Okay, they should know how. You need to get the radio pulled at the dealer. They will take the serial number off your radio and the vin of your vehicle. They plug it into the system and it will return the radio code for your vehicle. You may have to pay for this. We do it for free at my dealership.

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